Born in Rancagua-Chile, I obtained my PhD in Applied Mathematics at the Laboratory Jacques-Louis Lions, Pierre and Marie Curie University (UPMC) last June. During my PhD, I was also a member of the Mathematical Neuroscience Team, at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Biology of the Collège de France.

My primary advisor was Benoît Perthame, but I worked closely with Jonathan Touboul (CIRB) and Stéphane Mischler (CEREMADE). My interests are related to mathematical analysis of biological phenomenas, in particular, brain’s activity. Also, I am interested in Developmental Biology, specifically, boundary formation between different functional areas. Last year I became a postdoc fellow at the ANILLO SOC1405, where I work with Pablo Marquet in developing some models to understand the early human migrations in South America, in particular the Atacama Desert as a function of the water resource changes we know happened centuries ago.

From the mathematical point of view my interests are: semigroup theory, mean-field equations, travelling waves, nonlinear dynamical systems, and interacting particles systems.

In September 2012 (see my CV), I obtained my Master Degree on Mathematics Applied to Biological and Health Sciences, at the UPMC. Early, in January 2011, I obtained my Mathematical Engineer’s degree at the Department of Mathematical Engineering of the University of Chile.

I did my PhD studies with the financial support of the CONCIYT Becas Chile program, which aims is to provide training in advanced human capital to increase the number of researchers and professionals with high qualifications and excellence in all areas of knowledge for the development of Chile and their active participation in the globalized world.